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Bands/Artists I’m seeing this year;


  • Fall Out Boy
  • The Pretty Reckless
  • All Time Low
  • Pearl Jam
  • Tonight Alive
  • You Me At Six
  • Ed Sheeran
  • Of Mice And Men
  • Frank Turner
  • Flogging Molly
  • Astroid Boys
  • Neck Deep
  • Dead Inside
  • Beans On Toast
  • After Thought Playground
  • Neon Sarcastic
  • New Politics
  • Don Broco
  • Young Kato

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The Handmale Tale of Lola King and The Kickstarts // Review

imageThe Handmade Tale Of Lola King And The Kingstarts was released on the 24th February 2014. This is The Kickstarts first official album and so far I have not read a single bad review on it. Obviously with a new album comes a number of gigs, and I for one would happily see these guys live.

Lola King has been linked to a number of artists, namely Lily Allen and Kate Nash. This makes sense given her strong English accent that stands out on each track. My first thought when I heard this album reminded me of a song “Waylaid” by Charlie and The Martyrs, who are also a Leicester based band. The only difference being that The Martyrs music genre is Pop N’ Roll, whereas The Kickstarts describe themselves as Indie-Pop. Both a modern twist on the music scene and both two great bands.

The only track I’m not fond of on A Handmade Tale is ‘Interlude In A Box’ and there is no particular reason for this, it doesn’t fit in entirely with the overall sound of the album, yet it doesn’t stick out too much either. As for my most preferred track, I’d go with ‘The Great Divide’ or ‘I’ve Left My Heart In England’, I also have a soft spot for ‘I Don’t Care If You Say I’m Going Nowhere’. All of the tracks are reasonably catchy, they’ve been stuck in my head all day so I’d say they were definitely something.

imageLola King And The Kickstarts had a 30 day countdown to the album release and they had a very unique picture to accompany the number of days before it was released. Each picture contained a level of creativity that could be admired by many, personally my favourite was the 6 day with a dog in a tie-dye shirt. What? I have a weakness for small furry animals.

My conclusion on Lola King And The Kickstarts is that they may resemble various other artists, but they do create quite the sound and I could happily listen to them for hours on end. I can’t wait until The Kickstarts come back to Leicester. There’s nothing better than seeing a band like Lola King And The Kickstarts live. They seem very energetic and they’d be great fun as well as a night of good music.

Basically a review by Ashleigh.

Bands/Artists I’m seeing this year;

  • Fall Out Boy
  • The Pretty Reckless
  • All Time Low
  • Pearl Jam
  • Tonight Alive
  • You Me At Six
  • Ed Sheeran
  • Of Mice And Man
  • Frank Turner
  • Flogging Molly
  • Astroid Boys
  • Neck Deep
  • Dead Inside
  • Beans On Toast
  • After Four Playground
  • Neon Sarcastic

Mayday Parade. (Support; Divided By Friday, Decade & Man Overboard)

Divided By Friday are a three piece pop-punk band from Laurinburg, North Carolina playing in England for their first time. Unlike many artists Divided By Friday hung around the venue after their slot so that they could meet new fans, sign unnecessary objects and hand out some merch. They played a few songs off of their EP ‘Modern Memoirs’, ‘Free Tonight’ was a personal favourite and a vaguely remember a song that went along the lines of ‘ooOOoh ooh ooh’ which was a fairly well written song, it would have helped if they’d have told us what it was called. I do however recommend listening to Divided By Friday if you like bands such as All Time Low. (They have adorable American accents too)

Jose Villanueva- Vocals
Matt Morgan- Guitar/Piano
Al German- Drums

Decade came on stage about half an hour after Divided By Friday and took their time to sound check. We forgave them for they provided us with good music, also because their merch guy was the nicest soul ever to exist. Before the gig I’d only known their song ‘Brainfreeze’ which is far better live and now I’m familiarising with songs such as Callous, Coffin and Low, maybe because Abi couldn’t stop singing them all the way home, especially after Alex (singer) convinced her to buy their latest akbum ‘Good Luck’ which, being Abi, she couldn’t refuse. Decade are a five piece band from Bath, UK and they’re quite well known around the pop-punk scene in Leicester. Also another band worth listening to.

Alex Sears - Vocals
Joe Marriner - Guitar
Connor Fathers - Guitar/Vocals
Dan Clarke - Drums
Harry Norton - Bass

The last support act were a well known band called Man Overboard *sigh*. Abi was quite excited to see Man Overboard until they actually started playing. Everything about this band seemed wrong to me, and to Abi evidently. During the soundcheck I paid more attention to how cute the security guards were (they were sharing a bag of skittles) and I decided to name them ‘Face Tattoo’ and ‘Angry Bald Guy’, at this point I still have no knowledge that Man Overboard are a band that exist. After about 30 minutes they finally came on. Their songs dragged on for a while and the singer, Zac Eisenstein, resembled that of a chipmunk. The microphone was quieter than all of the instruments and after a bit of research it seems to be the same in their videos too. Upon making their acquaintance after the gig they seemed to be “high as balls” and swore that they “could see God”. Although they were all really friendly and easy to talk to. My personal problem with this band was that the bassist was using a pick, I could understand if it was extreme bass but it was pretty plain and stripped back. Infact all of the guiatrists were using picks so…

(Abi says…”I refuse to ‘Defend Pop Punk’ if Man Overboard are classed as it. How they have such a large fanbase, I will never know. 9cri”)

The guitarist, Wayne Wildrick, looked as if he should have been the fourth member of Nirvana. He had a very grunge-y aurora to him and he looked scarily like my stepdad. Awkward.

Nik Bruzzese- Bass/Vocals
Zac Eisenstein - Guitar/Vocals
Justin Collier- Guitar
Wayne Wildrick - Guitar
Joe Talarico- Drums

So after waiting around Nottingham’s Rescue Rooms since 2pm, Mayday Parade finally came on at 9:40pm and at the first sighting of Derek Sanders, the crowd, literally, went crazy. I can completely understand why though. I mean, seriously, come on. From the moment the tech’s brought on a keyboard you could see how anxious the crowd were. They all knew, quite blatantly, that the next songs were ‘Miserable At Best’ ‘Stay’ and ‘Hold Onto Me’ all in a row. Abi had burst into tears halfway through ‘Stay’ and somehow the guy in front of me still managed to violently elbow me in the ribs as if it was a really preppy, upbeat song which required very fast movement, and pain. I spent far too much time fan girling to take note of the things that were happening. Derek continued to pull the cutest faces he could and the whole band took a good use of the stage when they were all about the place. It was a great environment at this point and everybody seemed pretty cheery. There set finished at around 10.30pm and the queue for the merch grew longer until people started realising that they had run out of money and should probably leave. 

Abi and myself were walking to find her dad’s car and along the way we found Mayday Parade’s tour bus and decided to stalk them for a little while. There was around 20 other people there and we bumped into Alex Garcia and a youtuber Musical Bethan which was a nice surprise. She’s really nice and her and Alex ended up going for drinks. At around 12pm, we’d made friends with two girls both called Shannon and we saw Derek walking back from his little adventure to the pizza shop and we got a photo and some signatures and some of the guys who were waiting to meet him too were really sympathetic and I recieved many hugs from complete (cute) strangers. (Which I can’t exactly complain about).

All in all, it was the best night of my life so far. :3 

Derek Sanders - Vocals
Jeremy Lenzo - Bass/Vocals
Alex Garcia - Guitar
Brooks Betts- Guitar
Jake Bundrick - Drums/Vocals


Derek Sanders // Mayday Parade

Alex Garcia // Mayday Parade

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